Mutsuo Sugiura, the Developer of the Gastroscope

The gastroscope, or more widely the endoscope, is an indispensible tool for inspecting stomachs and diagnosing ulsers or tumors. More and more people swallow it for such inspection. It is not well known, however, that the gastroscope was first developed by a Japanese team of a doctor and optical engineers. Mutsuo Sugiura, together with Dr. Tatsuro Uji, and his subordinate, Shoji Fukami, first developed it in the world. He named it as a “gastro camera”. Various endoscopic methods and fiberscope technologies have been developed since then, and are used extensively to inspect, diagnose, and treat wide variety of diseases, as well as in the area other than medical.

The story was illustrated in the NHK TV documentary feature, “Project X: Challengers: The Development of a Gastro-camera Wholly Made in Japan”

What is a gastroscope?

Mr. Toshio Nakatsubo of Olympus Talks about Development of Gastroendoscope (html, pdf)

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